Aircraft Selection and Specification

Is a multi-million $ decision taking into consideration the 20+ year life-cycle of an aircraft. You cannot afford to make a mistake and need to choose the right aircraft with the right specification.

Your Dilemma

Are you bombarded with manufacturers' brochures and presentations?

Would you like to challenge the view of your Flight Operations and Maintenance?

Are you simply looking for aircraft types that fit best and will maximise your profit?

The Solution

The highly experienced team of Aviation Competence offers these advantages:

Your Advantage

Lars Ottmer

Director Market and Fleet Development, Lufthansa

„We had planned the Embraer E195 with an airstair, because it was included in the standard offer, but Jürgen Hild clearly assessed the financial impact versus operational disadvantages.
We finally went for no airstair with a $10 mill. yearly bottom line impact.“

Direct contact

Jürgen R. Hild
+49 151 5893 7676