Aviation Competence is a team of aviation experts with decades of hands-on experience in top management positions with regional, low cost, legacy and cargo airlines and airports.
We have successfully mastered change in interim management assignments and by supporting people on-site during implementation.

We don't consult, we drive change!

Aircraft Selection and Specification

Is a multi-million $ decision taking into consideration the 20+ year life cycle of an aircraft.

Aircraft Entry-Into-
Service Management

Professional preparation saves your company up to 500,000 $ per aircraft in operating cost.

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel is by far the largest expense of an airline.
Less fuel = Less emissions = Less cost.

Operational Excellence

Your company will save the cost of hidden errors and will benefit from increased aircraft productivity.

Operations Control Centre

Speedy and efficient decisions will give you lower cost and more satisfied customers.

IOSA Preparation

IOSA is the benchmark for safety management in airlines and, as such, is a prerequisite for IATA membership.

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